Loans with collection at the post office

Loan companies are introducing various solutions to accelerate the granting of loans. The fastest loans are those whose payment is made to the borrower’s account, and verification of his identity was carried out using the application enabling logging into the account without the need for a verification transfer. What about people who don’t have a personal account or have a shared account? How to take a loan to get money directly into your own hands?

Are the costs of the loan at the post office higher than for regular online payday loans?

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We have good information for those interested in the cost of loans received at the post office. This is not an expensive solution. The method of collecting money does not significantly affect the costs of payday loans, which is why online ones can cost the same as loans with collection at the post office . The lender does not charge a fee for withdrawing money from a loan granted by bank transfer. It will not charge a fee for issuing a check.

There is a lot of information in the network about the fact that a loan for a GIRO check costs a dozen zlotys more than the one available for a bank transfer. In fact, it is a postage for the check. However, it should be remembered that withdrawals from ATMs are also often payable, especially when using those belonging to other banking networks. Ultimately, therefore, the costs can be very similar. Importantly, the borrower does not always have to have money with him in order to cash a check. In many cases it is possible to add a fee to the entire commitment.

Therefore, anyone who does not use the payday payroll for free will have to bear the costs that are generally associated with:

  • commission,
  • interest,
  • preparation fee,
  • and in the event of late repayment with interest.

What does giro check mean?

The GIRO check (we read as “Dżiro”) is a service provided through post offices, carried out through Bank General. Payment GIRO is a service used by loan institutions to improve financial transactions, including loans. As a result, the borrower can collect money from the lender at a nearby post office or Bank General. The advantage of this solution is a high level of data exchange security.

In practice, the loan company can set up an exchange of data every 15 minutes, which is how much time it can take for the borrower to receive cash. Finally, loans with pickup at the post office require you to go to the right place to collect the money. The GIRO check is a type of document showing that the loan company’s customer is entitled to receive money in a certain amount. This amount appears on the check, as do the lender (the entity ordering the transaction) and the borrower.

The history of checks ensuring non-cash transactions goes back to the beginning of banking. Checks gained the most popularity at the end of the 20th century in North America and Western Europe.

Cashing of the GIRO check

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After receiving the check, the borrower can cash it almost immediately, and has a maximum of 7 days. He should appear in person at the post office at any time. To withdraw funds from payday loans with pickup at the post office, you must prepare:

  • ID card,
  • GIRO check
  • money to pay the check.

Right Lender charges a fee for cashing a check, which, fortunately, is not high and currently amounts to several zlotys.

How long does it take to get a giro check loan?

If the payment is made to a GIRO check and the applicant has already been subjected to appropriate verification, then taking a loan in this way may be faster than by transfer. During post office hours, you can withdraw money within a few minutes of receiving a check from the lender.

As you know, posting transfers between foreign banks usually takes more time. It should be borne in mind, however, that taking a loan with a pickup at the post office can be extended if the check reaches the applicant for additional cash in a way other than electronically or by SMS. The paper document sent by courier along with the loan agreement , verification in the presence of the courier means one – longer waiting time for money.

Post office loan – step by step

It is already known that a loan at the post office can be obtained in an easy and accessible way. In order to undergo all procedures more efficiently, it is worth knowing their detailed course. Therefore:

Step 1 Choosing a lender
Step 2 Supplementing the loan application
Step 3 Choosing a withdrawal method
Step 4 Decision from the lender
Step 5 Receipt of check
Step 6 Receipt of funds

As you can see, the third most important step is. It is at this stage that you define the receipt of the loan at the post office. Receipt of funds must be made within 7 days. The borrower may receive the check in electronic or paper form. Regardless of the form in which he got it, he should go with him to the post office, taking his ID card with him.

Loans without BIK can be picked up at the post office

While obtaining a loan without ERIF or KRD is quite difficult, because there is practically no payday loan without this type of verification, finding a loan without BIK to collect at the post office is easy. This offer comes from lenders who either do not check the information available at the Credit Information Bureau or allow small debts in the terms of the loan. To use a loan with a receipt at a post office without BIK, you will need:

  • proof of repayment ability,
  • possession of an ID card,
  • meeting the age criterion,
  • and in some cases additional loan collateral.

You don’t always have to have a bank account.

Loans for people without an account – where to look for payday loans?

Loans for people without an account - where to look for payday loans?

At present, almost all Poles use a bank account, but not everyone has an individual account, and in addition not everyone operates an account via the Internet.

Not only young people benefit from non-bank loans. Non-banking sector entities use various solutions to speed up procedures and make their services available to the largest possible group of consumers. For this reason, the offer includes loans with collection at the post office , which can be used by anyone, including people with a personal account. They are available on the internet.

Loans for people using a shared account

Loans for people using a shared account

Loan companies verify customers through IT technologies checking compliance of the data provided in the application with the data to the bank account. For this reason, you must have an individual account.

In the case of a shared account, the co-owner consent would be required, which would significantly lengthen the procedures and, as a result, complicate them. Online loans are quick and easy procedures, so a joint bill disqualifies the applicant, even if he has creditworthiness. People using a shared account can choose payday loans with pickup at the post office .

How do you get loans with cash at the post office?

How do you get loans with cash at the post office?

Not all loan companies can collect money at the post office. Therefore, before applying for payday loans, make sure that the lender offers you this type of collection. Applying for a loan is similar to fast loans, but here the process will be extended.

The verification of the identity of an applicant without an account cannot be carried out via a bank account, therefore it is necessary to verify the identity by courier. The loan application must indicate the correct method of collecting money. There should be an option to withdraw funds at the post office. This GIRO payday check is not complicated even for older people. The borrower will receive a check with which he should go to the nearest post office for its implementation.

Advantages of loans with pickup at the post office

Although the final receipt of money from a GIRO check loan takes more time than the withdrawal of funds to your account, the GIRO check loan has many advantages. It can be used by older people who do not use electronic banking. They are a solution for people who do not want the loan to be credited to their account.

They allow you to collect money directly in your hand and you no longer have to go to the bank or ATM to withdraw them. There are many branches of Right Lender throughout the country, which is why nobody should have trouble getting to any of them.


What is the difference between a consumer loan and credit?

Often, loans are for larger amounts or longer durations. This term is also readily used for real estate financing.

But what really distinguishes a loan from a consumer loan?

consumer loan

In Swiss law, the loan contract, like the consumer credit contract, is regulated by the Code of Obligations or the corresponding decrees. The loan as a special case of borrowing can be granted against payment (against the payment of interest) or free of charge (without interest).

Generally, a loan consists of the payment of a sum of money with an obligation to repay it, but other goods (eg securities or new mass-produced goods) can also be used. the subject of a loan. In the case of private individuals, a loan only earns interest when it has been agreed upon. In the commercial sector, however, it must be assumed that interest is always due. It is also possible to take out a loan with no fixed term. Such a loan must be repaid within six weeks of the first invitation to pay.

Consumer credits are a special form of financing

Consumer credits are a special form of financing

Not only loans but also payment periods and other financial aid are considered as such, which also include leasing contracts or the use of credit cards and customer cards. A characteristic of the consumer credit contract is that the lender grants these consumer credits in a professional manner (within the framework of the exercise of commercial activity) and that the consumers – that is to say, only natural persons – conclude these credits for purposes which cannot be linked to a professional or commercial activity.
Even if the above conditions are met, we are not in the presence of consumer credit in the following cases:

  • Credits guaranteed by real estate pledge (mortgages)
  • Credits covered by sufficient assets (pledge loans)
  • Interest-free loans
  • Credits of less than 500 francs or more than 80,000 francs
  • Credits to be repaid within three months

The provisions of the Federal Law on Consumer Credit and the mandatory provisions it contains, as well as the regulations aimed at preventing consumer over-indebtedness apply for consumer credit.

In summary, it appears that the loan contract and the consumer credit contract are not opposing legal terms. A loan can thus be qualified as a consumer credit contract insofar as the legal conditions mentioned above are met.

Can you get a credit buy without a deposit?




The deposit is not an obligation in a loan repurchase, it is possible to reduce its monthly payments without this guarantee.

Redemption of credits: with or without deposit?

Redemption of credits: with or without deposit?

When buying back credits , two types of financing are identified: the grouping of mortgage loans and the grouping of consumer loans. These two types of financing can be the subject of a guarantee request , either a mortgage or a deposit.

Thus, professionals (it is simply for information) very often use the terms of mortgage financing and unsecured financing to distinguish the presence or absence of collateral. There are two solutions for not having a surety, either opting for the mortgage guarantee, or asking for financing without guarantee.

Redemption of credits: mortgage rather than surety

Redemption of credits: mortgage rather than surety

The mortgage is a guarantee which guarantees the property, a mortgage registration is therefore necessary and of course, this financing is only for owners. The repurchase of mortgage credit involves expenses of installation and implies to pass in front of the notary to sign the notarial deed.

Unlike the surety, no company is asked to set up the guarantee, only the property is concerned in the event of non-payment of the monthly loan payments. If the borrower does not wish to have a surety or a mortgage, he may possibly request unsecured financing.

Financing without guarantee and without guarantee

Financing without guarantee and without guarantee

It is possible to benefit from a grouping of its credits without guarantee, without mortgage, overall without financial guarantee. It must necessarily be a grouping of consumer loans whose share of real estate outstanding does not exceed the threshold of 60%. Simply, this request for financing does not guarantee the borrower to obtain an agreement since his file must meet the criteria of credit institutions.

A free study request is therefore necessary to ensure that funding is feasible. On the other hand, the lender cannot force a borrower to opt for particular financing if the borrower has the choice. It is the borrower who decides to group his credits.

Simulate online financing

Simulate online financing

It is true that the search for a loan buyout without surety is not an easy thing, it involves canvassing several establishments and systematically requesting an offer of finance without surety. The simulator allows you to quickly know if the loan buy-back project is feasible, just fill out the form and then validate it, the response is quick.

The simulator will allow you to know at first if the grouping of credits is feasible then in a second time if it is possible to obtain it without or with guarantee, without or with mortgage and finally, without or with guarantee quite simply. It’s free and without obligation.